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After months OR years of planning, what will you have left to relive all the moments on one of the biggest days of your ENTIRE life? Your wedding photos and video! Your wedding day will FLY by in the blink of an eye and I want you to be able to remember it by bringing you back to each special moment through your photos and video. From your teary eyed first look, to the first moment you officially begin your lives together as a couple to your crazy fun dance moves, my team and I capture it all! I specialize in wedding and engagement photography in the Omaha metro area and offer vibrant, classic and timeless wedding photography that will last you a lifetime. With over 10 years of experience locally photographing over 150 weddings, I am prepared to make your day stress free and unforgettable by guiding you every step of the way and capturing ALL your moments!


Laura & Alex

"Lindsey George is bar none the BEST wedding photographer in Omaha. She sets herself apart in so many ways! She's incredibly kind, professional, and organized. She's super communicative and responded quickly to every question and email we had. We LOVED the timeline she created especially for us. We had plenty of time to check off everything on our list because she was very efficient, yet we never felt rushed in the slightest. By the time we got to the hotel that evening, she had already posted a preview of photos so we could see some of the best from the day, simply incredible. Within six weeks, we had more than 1300 beautiful images to capture every single moment of our day from multiple camera angles. WOW is literally the only word I can describe the experience we had working with Lindsey!"

Great, you're engaged! Now what?!? Have you asked yourself any of the following questions since starting to search for wedding photographers?

What if I don't WANT a slideshow/album/(enter anything here that is included in a standard wedding package)? What if I don't know WHAT I want?

How will I cram all of my wedding photos in to 6 to 8 hours of time that I've seen offered in most photography packages?

What if my wedding photographer misses an important moment or forgets a special photograph I specifically request?

Do I really GET all of my wedding photos from my photographer?

Do I really WANT all of my wedding photos?

I'm having a HUGE wedding with a lot of guests, how will my photographer capture everything?

What if I don't like how I look in my engagement or wedding photos?

Does any of that sound familiar?

I know it can be overwhelming searching for a wedding photographer, let alone planning a wedding. I do have good news for you, I've got you covered and I want the process to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible! When you first inquire, the best way for me to get to know what you want is to set up a meeting with you! Maybe you know for sure you want an engagement session or you know you don't want ___________(insert anything here you feel is unnecessary) or maybe you don't know what you want at all. That is OK! The best way to find out is for us to visit. My goal is to get you a custom wedding package that fits YOU as a couple! I can do that once we visit.

I offer all day coverage (10 hours) and that is plenty of time to cover getting ready on up to your main events at your reception. The last thing I want you to do is try and cram a 10 hour event into 6 or 8 hours, hello STRESS! Weddings are stressful enough, am I right?!? I want to give you plenty of time to ENJOY your day. A happy, relaxed couple = amazing photos and video! When my team and I arrive and leave on your wedding day is based off of YOUR schedule, not ours! I meet with you about one month prior to your wedding and we walk through the day of details and then I send you your custom photography timeline to share with whomever you wish.

When we meet before your wedding to discuss your day of details we go through it all. My goal is to talk through any questions you might have (and often you think of questions on the spot as we are going through it all) and to get a game plan set. I provide you with a custom formal photo checklist to ensure you get all of those posed photos with family and friends that you want. There is also a spot on there to add additional shots if needed or any special/specific photos you would like to request. I have a wedding day assistant that helps check off and keep us on track with all of your photos. I will make every effort to capture everything you envision and more!

Along with no time constraints on your wedding day, photography timeline and formal photo checklist, you also get all of your edited photos on a custom flash drive with full printing rights and a private online gallery where you can proof your photos, purchase prints, canvases and more and share your images directly to your social media accounts. There is no limit or catch here. I don't cut out moments to get to a certain number of photos. There are SO many candid moments on your wedding day and I'm not going to deprive you of those! You don't have to purchase additional images (ex. - only xxx number of photos are included, you have to purchase the additional for $xx). Your wedding photos are all included! Not only do you get 700-1,000 photos, you also get each photograph in color and black and white.

Do you really WANT that many photos? I think so! Wedding days are so fast paced and who wouldn't want the things you know happened along with tons of behind the scenes and candid moments captured? I have a timeless style and combine traditional photography with documentary photography. What exactly does that mean? My team and I are photographing EVERYTHING. What you wear, your venues details, your food and decor, getting ready, first looks, candid moments - tears, laughter, craziness, traditional wedding moments - walking down the aisle, your first kiss, cutting your cake, special dances, formal photographs with your wedding party and families, creative and beautiful photographs with your new spouse and wedding party and all the moments in between! All of these moments tell an amazing story in your custom designed wedding album. I'd love to show you those in person...they are stunning!

We've talked about the number of photos, what about the number of guests?! I get this question a lot, will I need more than one photographer because I'm having a large wedding? My answer is yes and no! I don't necessarily think the number of guests you have is related to having one or two photographers. I think having two photographers (i.e. my second photographer) is a great option for any wedding, with a large or small guest list. My second photographer's goal is to get shots different than mine, capturing the same moment from another perspective, more candid photos. For example, I'm photographing the bride's dress as its being zipped up and my second photographer captures mom tearing up. My second photographer captures the groom hugging his parents in the back of the church while I'm photographing the processional. Or I'm photographing the wedding party at the reception giving speeches and the second photographer is focused on your guests' reactions. Those are just a few examples of the amazing stuff you get when you have two photographers!

Now that I've covered the actual photos, what do you want to feel when you are in front of the camera? Deer in the headlights?!? I HOPE not. While I want your images to look natural and relaxed, I want you to know that I will give you direction on what to do. After all, that is why you hire a professional, right? I don't expect you to jump in front of the camera and have extensive knowledge on which direction you should face for the best lighting, how you should pose to minimize certain areas and enhance others, how to capture your "good" side and so on. That's my job to worry about all that technical stuff! The bottom line is, you want to look good, right?! I got you! I want you to focus on interacting with each other and enjoying the experience. I will direct and prompt you the entire time so that we get a variety posed and candid shots AND have a great time!

I offer the following Wedding Services -

All Day Coverage

Digital Photo Download & Print Release

Private Online Gallery

Direct Print Ordering from your Gallery

Day of Photography Assistant

120 miles of Travel (roundtrip)

Day of Facebook & Instagram Posts

Planning Meeting & Custom Photography Timeline

Custom Formal Photo Checklist

Organization & Posing for Formal Photographs

Referral Bonus Canvas & Print Program

Proper posing to make you look your best

Care given to the Smallest Details

Listening and Delivering what is important to you

2nd Photographer All Day

Engagement Session

Custom Designed Albums

Wedding Highlights Video

Ceremony & Speeches Video

Love Story Video

Childhood Slideshow Video

For more information on Video, click HERE

For your wedding I want you to -

Enjoy it, my team and I are there all day

Relax as we capture every detail and candid moment

Take advantage of my stress free planning resources

Effortlessly be guided to get creative, fun and beautiful images all day

Relive your wedding day for a lifetime through your photos and video

Cherish your images often - flip through your custom albums, print and display your photos in your home and reminisce over your wedding video


"Working with Lindsey and her team on our wedding day was absolutely wonderful. From our first phone consultation (we were planning our wedding out-of-state), we were continually impressed by her organization and professionalism. We had so much fun working with Lindsey and her team on our wedding day. It's clear that they love what they do and are passionate about making your wedding day special. Lindsey is so creative and definitely has an eye for a great photo. Her attention to detail and creativity provided us with truly beautiful photos. We especially love the album she made for us! We give our highest recommendation for her services! Thank you, Lindsey! :)" - Emily & Austin

1 - Inquiry & Meeting

Congratulations, you're engaged! What's next? Reach out! CONTACT US to see if we have your date available & set up a time to meet. During our meeting, I will get to know you & vise versa. I'll answer any questions you have, then I'll give you all the info you need to know about my wedding photography & videography services. I have several packages I will present to you based off your needs and wants. Then, you reach out and let us know you are ready to hire us (this can be done at the meeting if you wish)! Don't wait too long, we are a ONE event per day team, so once we are booked for a date, we are no longer available for any other events on that same date. So, don't hesitate and miss out!

2 - Booking & Planning

YES! We are a great fit & you are ready to book! A signed contract & 25 % retainer toward your wedding photography & videography package officially secures your date. We only have ONE team, so once you book us for your date, you're all set, I'm all yours! After booking, I immediately provide you with our sample photo timeline & wedding formals worksheet & checklist. Then, we meet up about one month before your wedding day, talk through all your day of details and create a custom photo timeline for YOUR wedding! If you have questions before then, feel free to reach out anytime, I am here to help. I provide you with a copy of your custom photo timeline to share with whomever you like. You can rest easy, I am prepared for your day! Click HERE to get started.

3 - Wedding & Delivery

The big day has finally arrived and now its time for you to kick back and relax. Wait, WHAT?! Well, we've already communicated and I've got you covered. I want you to truly live in the MOMENT, let your EMOTIONS flow and ENJOY your wedding day! Doing so will make your photos and video that much more AMAZING and GENUINE! Don't worry, I will provide you with guidance as needed - setting up your first look, posing for formals, directing you on outdoor portraits and more, but then I will step back and document those REAL moments where the MAGIC really unfolds. That night I will post previews to Facebook and Instagram! Then, I will deliver all your photos and video with in the agreed upon timeframe and you will receive both digital and hard copies.

Ready to get started?


"Just wanted to thank you for shooting my daughter’s wedding this weekend. Watching you and your team working at the church I couldn’t help but notice your great attention to details. At the reception you were everywhere but never intrusive. We are so happy we chose you.

- John Zmijewski Omaha, Ne (proud father of the bride)

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