You're in the home stretch now, it's time to for day of details! Please answer all questions and fill out to the best of your ability. If there are things you don't know yet or have questions on, you can leave a ?, tbd, idk or leave your question as your answer. We will talk through it all during your pre wedding meeting and iron out all the kinks. This gives me a great start to your timeline going into our meeting.

Also - I have some awesome tips and helpful info for your wedding day below. Please take a look. Thank you for taking the time to share all about your wedding day with me. Talk to you soon!

~ Lindsey


Make sure you do a trial run of your hair & make up prior to your wedding so that you can fine tune the look that you want and make sure you schedule enough time to get both done on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to look back at your photos and not be happy with your hair & make up. Most professional make up artists automatically include a trial. Even if a friend is doing it - make sure to speak up and get the look you are comfortable with, you don't want any unwanted surprises on your wedding day. Also - hair & make up running late is the number one culprit of throwing off a wedding day timeline - make sure you plan enough time for it!


Wait to put on the finishing touches until after you get dressed. Bride - put on jewelry, shoes, & garter last. Groom - get dressed in pants and white shirt - wait for us to photograph buttoning up vest/jacket, tying tie, cufflinks, pinning flower, shoes.


These are formal family and wedding party photos, usually done before the ceremony. Sometimes, additional extended family photos or wedding party photos are taken after the ceremony (especially if the bride & groom do not see each other before or if extended family are not there before the ceremony). Keep in mind these are NOT your creative photos with bride and groom and wedding party. Normally we will go to a second location for your "fun" photos or to another spot at your venue to mix these up and get more creative shots with background variation.

TIP: I recommend starting formals 2 hours prior to your ceremony time to ensure that you are not in the ceremony space when guests start to arrive (sometimes 45 minutes early). Also, this gives us a cushion on your timeline if anything runs late. Hopefully we get done early and you have a few minutes to regroup, get a snack or drink and touch up before you walk down the aisle.


TIP: For any unity candles, pouring sand, tying of hands or any other special traditions during your ceremony pre plan to turn toward your guests during it so they can see and my team and I can get better photos. You don't want photos of your backs. Those are boring! Also, its hard in the moment, but try not to look at the officiant the entire time, look at each other when saying your vows, exchanging rings, etc.


Normally we will go to a second location for your "fun" photos or to another spot at your venue to mix it up and get more creative shots with background variation. This can be before or after your ceremony depending on your day and when you are wanting to arrive at your reception. I'll help you set up the best timing. If you're not sure on all the details yet, or need location suggestions, we can figure that all out in our meeting.


Do not let hosts/planners take your bridal party flowers to the reception. If you are taking photos after the ceremony at another location, you want to have your flowers in pictures! Just have empty vases sitting on the head table for everyone to put their flowers in when you arrive. Also - wait until you arrive at your reception to ditch your veil or bustle your dress, that way we can show your full train and do fun veil photos during your creative photos. You want all those details in your photos! Again, this is so important and I admit that I have chased down bouquets a time or two and even put them in my vehicle!


TIP: Plan on doing things on your way to other things (so you don't have to get up and sit down constantly). For example, cut your cake right after your grand entrance - before you sit down to eat dinner. Or cut your cake on the way to do your 1st dance.

DINNER TIP: Don't forget about your vendors (Photographers, Videographer, DJ/Band, Wedding Planner for ex.)! Please count us in your catering head count and assign us a table/place cards if you have a seating chart. My team and I often snack lightly through out the day as time allows (sometimes we don't get to). We do not have time to go off site for dinner. We will jump in the buffet line or need to be served right after the wedding party. This is not meant to be rude, only to ensure that we can prepare and be ready to capture your events immediately following (or during) dinner like toasts. Thank you for including us, we do greatly appreciate it!

You will also fill out a questionnaire where you select the formal photos you want - so no need to list them here, that will be your next step.

I know I've just asked A LOT of information from you, but this is all going to help me tremendously in coming up with a streamlined timeline for your wedding day photography. You've invested in your big day, and I want to make sure that I'm using my time wisely. I'm here for you - whatever you need, I want to be there, ready to help. If there was something on here that I'm missing, please feel free to jot it down below so we can chat about it during our meeting. I can't wait for your wedding day!